1. Served the President of a Latin American country
  2. Served the Deputy Prime Minister of a Middle Eastern country
  3. Served Health Minister of a Middle Eastern country
  4. Served Information Minister of a Middle Eaetern country
  5. Served within 24 hours on a defendant who was visiting a national park in Chilean Patagonia (southern tip of South America)
  6. Served in remote areas of Latin America, Africa, and Far East Asia.
  7. Served on a 1 day notice in Rarotonga, Cook Islands
  8. Served defendants in places such as Turks and Caicos Islands, Curacoa Island, Hawaii, Panama, USVI, BVI, Bermuda.
  9. Thousands of other hard to serve cases
  10. Established close working relationships with authorities in a number of countries for expedited processing of Hague service applications