We will serve the documents at the address provided, if service is legally possible at the time the attempts are made.

Our service guarantee does not apply to investigations, out-of-area process service, small claims cases, documents with specific court dates, or international service of process due to circumstances that may occur beyond our control, or in certain nations where we cannot be responsible for such circumstances.
Dated documents may require a re-set of the court date if unable to serve on time.
All fees are payable in advance unless there is a special arrangement with a client.
In the event that a law firm arranges for service but has payment made by any third party, including plaintiff/petitioner or insurance company, and payment is not made by such third party, the law firm making the assignment shall become responsible for the payment.
Fees imposed by foreign nations after the submission of an assignment are the responsibility of the party/client requesting service.
Any embassy fee on Letters Rogatory assignments shall be paid directly by the client.
We charge for each address attempted.
Services which are rejected by foreign courts (issues beyond our control) are subject to a re-service fee (at a reduced rate).
Assignments made to us are considered a “written contract” and any dispute is considered to be based upon a written contract and is therefore subject to attorney fees and costs.
If a special affidavit of service is required, please provide a sample format along with the service assignment. If no such sample is provided, in advance, we will automatically provide an all-purpose affidavit which is generally acceptable in most jurisdictions. If the affidavit must be changed, after signed and provided to you, there will be an additional charge.
No legal advice is intended nor provided by any statements on any page of this website or through any written or verbal communication from us.
By assigning a service to us, you (client) gives permission to Stellar Konsulting to sign your name on the Request for Service Abroad.
By assigning a service assignment to us, you agree to all terms and conditions stated herein.
You (client) agree to hold harmless Stellar Konsulting, it’s principals, employees, agents, and/or representatives as a result of any circumstances related to any assignment made to us.